Thursday, January 20, 2005

US right attacks SpongeBob video

BBC NEWS | Americas | US right attacks SpongeBob video

Ok, how stupid is this. Yes we can see that there is evil in the world. Yes it exists on our very doorstep. It does NOT take the form of small yellow cartoon characters waiting to seduce our children into becoming homosexuals. The evil is inside the people that think that it is. No child in their right mind thinks anything sexual about cartoon characters, unless those characters are doing something 'naughty'. Holding hands with your friends is not 'naughty'. Touch is one way we communicate friendship, caring and honesty. When I shake someone's hand it's not because I want to jump their bones, it's cause I am greeting them. I think some people need to get out and realize that if God wanted us to live apart from each other, we'd be predators like tigers.

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