Monday, September 15, 2003

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Sweet Brigitte! I knew it all along!

Look Raist, squeeing fangirls!
You are Raistlin Majere from Dragonlance.
You smirk, torment and look dashing in black
velvet. Ultimate evil magic powers are an
additional bonus.

Which Cool Evil Guy Are You?
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You are Devastator. You are incredibly big and
incredibly strong because you are actually 6
Decepticons combined. You do as your told and
your main purpose is to build whatever Megatron
commands you to. You are the very first Gestalt

Quote: Thinking and winning do not

Which Generation 1 Decepticon Are You?
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Feedback by backBlog

Feedback by backBlog
Sweetness. The main problem with all this was the interpretation of the $BlogTitle$ variable. So just putting it into it by hand works great. The really odd thing is that this var works fine for the page proper in the header. So it's got to be something with the blogger2 platform interpreting this correctly.

Feedback by backBlog
Bloody hell. Yaccs isn't taking any new users. Typical, great code, multiple users, vibrant language choices. And Closed.

Guess I'm going to look at other comment lists
First up:
Feedback by backBlog

And here is the test of backBlog:


Found a couple of other commenters:

I'll most likely go with YACCS. It appears to be a solid code base and there are 600+ templates for the comments. That should make anyone who reads this pretty happy.

Friday, June 06, 2003

Watching the Terminator. Now that's a classic. Well, sort of. With that said, it's classic tech. Granted the rumor was that
the code that is scrolling up is Cobol code. Gee, wouldn't that explain a lot. All the evil of Cobol, none of the perks.

Oh and I figured out a way to have comments. It requires a person to go to this site and sign up. It's not that bad
to be honest other than the request for a phone number in case your two email accounts don't work. Still feel funny about handing
that out.

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Yeah, I should go find some of those testy things and put them in here. Oh, don't forget to visit Mr. Wheaton. One of the most accurate and yet geeky blogs I've ever read. And shoot, he digs Steve Jackson's games. So he can't be all that bad.
Yeah, My first post. It is rather, ahem, sparse.