Sunday, February 26, 2006

Blogger: Atom API Documentation

Blogger: Atom API Documentation

Too bad this atom-blog.el doesn't work for me. Guess some debug output in the background with the curl calls it's supposedly making might help me track down and debug what's wrong, but, you know, I'm not really going to keep beating my head into the wall for something like this that keeps refusing to work. Just plain silly.


Blogger Developers Network: Blogger + Emacs = Crazy Delicious: "Blogger + Emacs = Crazy Delicious"

Well supposedly this will work. Granted the defaults require xml-mode, which my cygwin doesn't have. And I'm not overly sure why. And then there is the issue of getting it to log in correctly. And it doesn't seem to work under xemacs, for some reason. Blech.

15 minutes of hack time down the tubes. I hate that.

Hotlink: Planet Lisp

Bill Clementson's Blog: Who is this guy?: "In the beginning, there was Planet Lisp, and life was good."

Definitely a link to something that I want to look at later. It's got various feeds and information about all sorts of things lisp-y and things that I want to learn.

Bill Clementson's Blog

Bill Clementson's Blog talks about all sorts of things lisp. And he uses Emacs. Which hey, isn't that bad, despite what some people have said. I'll be using it more to do the blog posts once I get a module to do blogger from xemacs on cygwin.... :)

Remote File Editing

Bill Clementson's Blog article Remote Lisp Development with SLIME/Emacs mentions "TRAMP (the remote file editing package that most people use with Emacs for accessing remote files)".

Now wouldn't this be nice for editing web pages remotely, so you can insure that you have an emacs environ that you don't have to always be tweaking on each new machine?

I'm thinking of doing something like this on the local machine, but as it is windows, it'll be a bit more trick. Granted the Make the Machine a Ubuntu box is very much still in the queue of things I'm going to do soon.

TRAMP and editing remote files

Bill Clementson's Blog: Remote Lisp Development with SLIME/Emacs (link) mentioned that "TRAMP (the remote file editing package that most people use with Emacs for accessing remote files)". I am definitely thinking this would be a handy feature and something that would really make things easier for those one shot web page edits.
Granted this machine is windows that I'm posting on, so it'd be emacs for windows, but that Make my machine Ubuntu project is still very much in the queue.

Saturday, February 25, 2006 - FAQ - FAQ: "Exactly, we care nothing of your revenge..we just want your money in exchange for helping you achieve it"

Bill Clementson's Blog: The Most Important Idea in Computer Science

Bill Clementson's Blog: The Most Important Idea in Computer Science: "Lisp is the most important idea in computer science."

Remember that. And be afraid. Well, not afraid. Think about this. Lisp is it's own compiler. It's a pimp language that scares people with ()'s. And it can do darn near anything and a lot of the libraries to do it are already out there. And shoot, Reddit is written in it. And that's sweet.

Super Hero Vault

Ignore the fact they were growing weed (link). It's the fact that they had this interesting set up at their home that let them almost be like super heroes. Except that they were selling drugs. That's not cool. But damn, imagine the kind of secrets other people have under their house....

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Spanish language

So was browsing the Creative Commons Deed link and saw a reference to Castellano. Now the one thing that I have to confess to is that I'm a language fiend. It's partly cause I'm a cryptography fiend and also an anthropology geek. Nothing is more exciting than uncovering information held in a different form, I guess. Anyways I see a reference to Castellano, and I well click on it, never having heard of this term. Turns out it that it's a formal version of Spanish. I now refer you to the excellent Wikipedia article Names given to the Spanish language.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tekumel :: The World of the Petal Throne

Tekumel :: The World of the Petal Throne Give in. Go look at it. Serious mind warping goodness and a rich world that isn't based on the European stories that a lot of the rpg's are based on.

IE no greek gods. Oh there are gods, but they are aztec-y. Yeah that prhase makes me cringe, but it's the best way to describe it. And imagine a world where no one really knows that they used to be super-high-tech world but the remnants are there. It's post holocaust, without those pesky 'day after' syndrome.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


What I need to do is figure out how to make tags for this for not only Technorati, but also for people that want to get only those "articles" that pertain to the items of interest. Plus then I can make some posts "personal" and people could skip them or read my wacky views.

Writely - The Web Word Processor

Writely - The Web Word Processor(link) sounds like something really neat. I am wondering if it uses RubyOnRails to do it's thing. In any event, I'm definitely thinking things like this are great for podcast shownotes or resumes and cover letters.

I mean imagine people being able to add to the show notes of a podcast with things like ratings for games, further explanations on tech hints and then it *might* be downloadable by the audience. I have to go check that last point.

Guardians Of Order

Guardians Of Order(link) makers of such great things as "Big Eyes, Small Mouth" and publishers of "Tekumel".

Go look up Tekumel. I dare you. I have my copy, which I bought at Portland's greatest bookstore (well in my opinion), Powell's. Oh, and any city that has a technical bookstore with tons of books and another store with tons of rpg's and others is just awesome. Although, seriously Powell's, why is some of the anime in the children's section?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tri-Stat DX

"Min/Maxing and munchkinism are not problems with the game, they are problems with the player"

This is part of the *Role-Playing Game Manifesto* in the Tri-Stat DX system. And I have to say that manifesto, regardless on how cool the system is, is something that people need to read and remember. Basically the manifesto reminds people that, well it's a game and a game isn't fun if it's filled with bad cheese.

Oh and where do you get the tri-stat DX system? You can get it here. I've heard of a couple of groups dropping the system that was mentioned in a game world (like FUDGE) and using this system. Now is that because it was they knew it better or it made the world more interesting, I don't know. But it at least means that the system worked for someone.

Podcast Alley

At Podcast Alley (link) they list all sorts of podcasts. First thought, do they use Ruby or Ruby on rails? Second thought, why aren't some of my fave podcasts higher on their ranks? :)

Anyways, it's a really nice site, and really nice to find various podcasts and see where your's is in the ranks.

Go there. Go there now.

Podcast Geeking

So I love listening to podcasts (link). I have several favourites and I'll be posting some of them and their pages in the near future. All of them are great to listen to and chock full of information that I really appreciate.

I have to say that a lot of the time that the podcasts that I tend to continue to listen to are ones that do the following:

  • Have good audio
  • Have Emotionally Stable people
  • Admit that they aren't the be-all end-all to their topic

The last one is a major reason that I keep up with a particular podcast. Otherwise I think that they are being selfish over their title and think that only they can do the job well and the rest of us suck. Thankfully, most of the podcasters out there still haven't fallen into that trap.

Small Batch Craft-Roasted Coffee from Sweet Maria's!

Small Batch Craft-Roasted Coffee from Sweet Maria's and how to subscribe to their service. I got this from CoffeeGeek who's site is the best darned resource for coffee in general. Granted a how to make ristretto link isn't easy to find (for me).