Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tri-Stat DX

"Min/Maxing and munchkinism are not problems with the game, they are problems with the player"

This is part of the *Role-Playing Game Manifesto* in the Tri-Stat DX system. And I have to say that manifesto, regardless on how cool the system is, is something that people need to read and remember. Basically the manifesto reminds people that, well it's a game and a game isn't fun if it's filled with bad cheese.

Oh and where do you get the tri-stat DX system? You can get it here. I've heard of a couple of groups dropping the system that was mentioned in a game world (like FUDGE) and using this system. Now is that because it was they knew it better or it made the world more interesting, I don't know. But it at least means that the system worked for someone.

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