Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Procmail tips galore

Here is one neat neat neat resource for those of us who
are diehard procmail junkies. Of course some folk have Mail::Audit or maildrop
but sometimes the best things are old things.


SCA stuff

Ok so it isn't an official page, but it is someone that is/was into it. The main reason I was looking
at it was for this link here .

Monday, June 28, 2004


It's a nice caching nameserver. Couple with some decent ideas when it comes to the server side of security.
Oh and I'm calculating how big I need my cache. Kind of odd, one would think that you'd say "24 hours" and the cache would grow or shrink based on 1hour windows.

Cache Size article here


Oh and Lineox purports to now have this built into their system on pretty much the same day.
And it's not nearly as expensive as Red Hat Enterprise server. Supposedly this distro also allows a person to upgrade their redhat
9.0 box up to their latest and greatest version. Which is cool.

Another Filesystem

And this one is cool! The overall idea of gfs is to make something that not only
replaces NFS but is imminently vertically scalabe. And the nice thing is that if your server goes down and it's on a redundant share,
the network can reroute packets to a new machine that will server the *exact* same files. No downtime, no appreciable sync times.

Sweet. Oh and here is their GPL Press Release.

Paragidm Shift by Tim Oreilly

Here is his speech.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Ok Another Cheesy Personality Test

I just put this here, since well they were kind of an "Engineers for Evil" group.

You are Devastator. You are incredibly big and
incredibly strong because you are actually 6
Decepticons combined. You do as your told and
your main purpose is to build whatever Megatron
commands you to. You are the very first Gestalt

Quote: Thinking and winning do not

Which Generation 1 Decepticon Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Friday, June 25, 2004

Differences Between 3.0 and 3.5 in D&D

Ok, so it isn't tech but the differences in the change over were important to know.

And this is something that some tech folk are: gamers.

NX, Screens on the thin Clients or for Admins

The product page is hereVNC like sessions for Linux!

Google Beta Groups

Now this is a handy interface to see the newsgroups. I don't know for sure but I think I could make my own newsgroup for things like local hobby clubs. Neat.

Find it here

Life Out There

Join the new setiathome. And it's so much cooler in a lot of ways in terms of the underlying structure of the program. And at last, now you too can get the source and compile it to work on your own machine [or have it call multiple processors or some such on a HPC grid].



Rubyx is a linux configuration program and iso roller and a distrobution all in one. It sounds kind of scary at first, esp since they do away with the init.d, which most other distro's use to get the normal programs up and running. But heck, it sounds like it's a really good idea in some ways. I just wonder if they do some form of ruby-sh as the login shell as well.

Encap packages

There are some folks that have made some encap package sites available here.

Neat stuff. What I like about this extra utility is the idea that I don't have worry if I'm using redhat on one box or suse, it's never really effected by what I have in /usr/local/bin/ and that'll be where the new binaries of recent stuff will go.


Source Management in Linux/Unix-like OS"s

idea for a source package manager.

Granted there is a another package called encap and also another one from the GNU buddies called stow.

For those of you who don't know, this is one of the plagues I suffer from daily. A package is out with a new version that I really need or want to test. However my OS bundle (SuSE) tends towards a wonderful obsoletism that while stable means that I don't get a version within 4 release cycles of a current version.

So I hit the source and compile it. You'd think that this wans't a bad thing, but after a while I have three or four versions of libraries running around in weird spots trying to get it all to work for one install.

Not fun.

These tools would let me sidestep most of this, or I could just convince everyone at work to go to Gentoo.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

New Interfaces

You know, I'm as supple and moveable as the next guy. But I really hate the 'change your UI' without some form of beta test offer. It's just plain silly.

Case in point. Yahoo when it was going to the new mail interface (2 yrs+ ago) they offered anyone the option to try it out. Then when i changed over, you were more likely to be prepared for it. Generally here I don't get those offers. Although being a poor blogger at times, I can understand why.