Tuesday, December 14, 2004

SVG Weather Center - Tom Groves.net

SVG Weather Center is a place that takes the XML data that is being put out be the weather service and puts it into svg's. It's a neat concept and in the future could let us do things like weather movies from xml data....

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Ruby vs Perl

So this is the current dilemma I am having. There is this great language Perl and this other language Ruby. Some people have said that Ruby is a better Perl than perl. I'm not overly convinced. There are too many times that I'm looking at a project that I'm thinking about and I see that I can do it in Perl with a few modules and a little elbow grease.

Then I look at ruby.

Ruby has elegance. It has style and taste. Just not many modules. So I start to try and decide what to write. The only problem is that I tend to think that less code is better. Maybe it's a learning curve issue. The other conundrum is that I really want to take this app into Rails. It would really handy in terms of creation and shoot, things like BaseCamp were written in ruby. It's responsive and looks just all sorts of fast. Now with that said, maybe I'll just have to clamp down and write some stuff in ruby.