Tuesday, September 28, 2004


This is a neat program that unlike some of the others doesn't require a seperate capture library. Instead it reads iptable log files and then can also do AES encrypted knocks or passive OS fingerprinting to insure that if a windows machine does a knock, it may or may not get in. It can be found here

FreeBSD release schedule

Ok the one that was put on the original FreeBSD release site was wrong. So for those of us that want to know when 5.3 final will be released here is the schedule. Not that it appears that a lot is going to change between now and when it's Finallized. But still.

Ruby on KDE

They are touting this as a Rapid Application Development platform. Heck anything that uses Ruby is automatically a rapid app. Just nice to see that someone else is using it for their work.

Farscape Super Airing

Yes, every single episode will be aired on the Sci-Fi channel. Announcement can be found here on a Sci-fi fan site. WHich inicidentally is where I get a lot of my nerd information.

Now *that's* a mushroom

Link Needless to say I wonder how long before someone tries to pollute it or kill it off.

Bitter? Yes. Far off? No.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Now that's a T-Shirt

Normally I don't do politics. Especially on a tech blog. But you know, civics being what they are these days, it always fun to at least poke fun. Oh and you can Buy it here.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Here are some pictures of Colin, my brothers second baby. Both the touched up and the old blue pictures can be found there. Kind of nice to see that there isn't a new smurf in the family.

Oh and there are some background pictures here. All the abstract ones were made by myself, and are built to be tilleable. GIMP is your friend. Warning: Those pictures can be pretty large.

Friday, September 17, 2004


Oh please, oh please let this be opensourced. I have asked for a lot in my life, but this is just too damn cool. Link

The nice thing is that an admin can add to the pool hither thither and yon. And not have to change anything for the end users. Also there isn't a /usr partition anymore. It's just another directory on the drive and as such can go "over limit". Man I would love to have this for work, so that when someone fills out the entire disk, we are all universally screwed until I flip on the hard drive adder switch....

Libre Clipart

"Open Source" Clipart Link

It's a good idea to check on things like freedesktop. This is the site for newer and neater ideas in desktops. Oh and Gnome 2.8 was released yesterdayish. And it looks pretty sweet. It has the Hardware Abstraction Layer integrated into it, so that when you plug in a usb drive or a cdrom it can insert the proper modules, or even start an application. Yeah yeah, Mac's already do this but it's nice to see that there is movement forward on a front that doesn't always require money to get the job done.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Irish folklore

Oh it's not tech, but it's still cool. All of the tales of the ancestors [well not even close but still a good set of highlight I had never heard of].

Oh and it's neat to hear that the spears were gained by the Druids because they said they would besmirch Cuchulains name, the name of his County and the name of His kin. Just awesome.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Music in Perl

Ok, so this is one programmers way of interfacing perl into another program to make some music. It's a damn shame that the guy didn't post any of his work though. I would have really really liked to have heard what this was able to do. Also set the bar so that i could hit my head on it as I try and jump over it.