Saturday, January 28, 2006


So I'm sitting here blogging and I was noticing that when I did a search for Ubuntu that under the google sponsored links there was a Ubuntu vs Xandros link. I clicked on it and was sent to the Xandros web site.

Ok, maybe I'm dumb but they are both debian distros. And Xandros is pay only. Now if that is wrong and there is a live-cd for me to play with I'm all for trying it out. The only thing I hate about some of the distros for linux out there right now is that they are pay-for only (more or less). I mean what's the point of leaving one paid-for operating system to go to another. Now don't get my wrong, a lot of the distros like suse xandros or redhat are great for those people that want tech support or at the very least someone to blame when something breaks.

But that's not me. I use things like BSD's and other Unix systems cause I want control of my experience, I want it cheap, and I want neat new tech that is sometimes really niche. If anyone has a better overview of Xandros I'd love to hear it.

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