Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ruminations on Linux

So, something I've been thinking of doing is installing ubuntu on my computer on the alternate hard drive partition. I've already done so on the laptop, and well I rarely now go into the windows paritions. The only things that I don't know will work in Ubuntu (I can hazard guesses but eh)

*iTunes music, specifically the aac's on the drive, if they even exist
*the podcasts on the ntfs partitions
*network set up might be slightly painful if this network card isn't recognized

All kind of slight reasons to not use Linux. I could do things like set up a webserver on the box and let people know the site or set up jabber servers and other messaging elements. Those are serious draws. And I know the sound will work, since this is an AC97 sound card. Hm.... Guess I could always slot a live-cd and see what shows up and what doesn't. The choices abound. Oh and would X work on this ati radeon 9800....

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