Wednesday, September 14, 2005

CSS and IE6

Did you know that IE6/5 does *not* handle transparent png's for backgrounds correctly? Nope, you have to play tricks with them. Supposedly they will have png support in IE7, but still how can you really force readers of your website to go to IE7?

Oh, and here is the link to the IE7 blog (or at least yet another one).

Oh and here's my favorite quotes from the mezzoblue article:

Lack of support for min-width and max-width

Again comparing to all other browsers on the market, IE is the only one that doesn’t support the CSS2 properties min-width and max-width (which have been a standard since 1997, incidentally). These are incredibly useful for controlling larger areas of type, particularly when setting line length limits to aid in readability.

The trick to getting around min-width in IE is actually pretty easy. IE treats width as if it were min-width. By exploiting the fact that IE doesn’t support child selectors either (more on this later) we can create a simple bit of code that doesn’t allow a browser windows....

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