Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ajax applications

Ajax is a neat new emerging technology that lets people do things on webpages without having to refresh the page (amongst other things). Slashdot has an article where they detail various applications that are already out there that could be made into an office suite. Myself, I've seen things like scriptaculous, and I've got to say that Ajax is a neat design paradigm. Where else could you get a webpage where if you like items on the page you drag them to the shopping cart and the page doesn't need to refresh and you don't need to stop shopping. This would be really great for impulse buys and pages set up more like stores. Imagine, shopping for items where you never really refresh the page or have to go any where except when you go to "Check Out" and even that would be an asthetic reason, not because checkouts aren't possible....

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