Wednesday, August 18, 2004


So I'm trying to learn Ruby. A neat language in and of itself, and it has a new paradigm, which I'm always in the mood to learn. In fact it has been keeping me up till 1:00am several times this week alone trying to learn the ways of the samurai.

One such tidbit is listed here. It's how to start your own web server in a line of Ruby. I remember Chad Fowler [blog] had this in his talk of rublog. Neat. Now if I can just figure out how he tied webrick and the rublog together and I'll be one step closer to getting one of my projects finished. Oh and it's a personal project, nothing that has to do with sysadmin. Thank God.

Oh one more book to recommend: The Poignant Guide to Ruby It's a intro to programming in general and a lovely description of various things of the ruby language. if they haven't already the Pragmatic guys *really* *really* need to get this author on board. His style is wacky and out there, but I tend to read it and really get what he's trying to tell me. And it's neat when that happens so easily. Oh and Ruby has regular expressions of the form of perl. yay. No re.compile('\s') for me!

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