Thursday, April 29, 2004

And this is why people get Mad

So, I'm reading about the people that lobbyed for and think that the DMCA is a good idea.
Well, if you are an engineer and want to make a HDTV after 2005 you can't unless you want to
get the cops on you. Likewise for the design of DVD reading software for alternative Operating Systems.

The Interview

I think it's priceless that in this interview the MPAA people are saying things for normal users like
'perhaps buy a DVD player instead' rather than we want to expand our market any way possible, so let's get Linux on board.

Just classic. Also, the fact the engineer made a dvd-reading script so he could watch the program in 6 lines,
and showed the MPAA guy, just show moxy. The best part is the MPAA's rep's reaction.

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