Monday, November 05, 2007

To Be Fair: Ubuntu warns you


Suspend to RAM with fglrx

  • Attempting to suspend to RAM using the proprietary fglrx ATI video
    driver from the restricted component will hard-lock the system due to
    changes in the kernel's memory allocator (which will be the default in
    Linux 2.6.23) that have not been followed by ATI in a timely fashion;
    this is the vendor's responsibility and is beyond our control due to
    the proprietary nature of the driver. Workarounds include using Ubuntu
    7.04, avoiding suspending to RAM, or using the free ATI driver. Bug #121653\


What I really really really wish is that the upgrader would have went "Oh no, Bug #121653 found. Do you *really* want to continue this upgrade <N/y>"

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