Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sons of Kryos and random musings at 5 in the morning

I have no idea how I could have missed that GenCon 2006 and GenCon 2006 Indy where one and the same. Moving on, I've been thinking of going out and buying copies of Burning Empire and Burning Wheel. From the Sons of Kryos (link) I've got the impression that Burning Wheel is really fun and interesting to play in. This and Riddle of Steel are the three games on my most immediate "to get" list. My only hope is that, since these *might* be low print runs that there are still copies available.

I do have to say this, the more that I listen to more of the podcasts out there for roleplaying, the more I wonder about my own personal style. I do enjoy a good game of hack and slash, and I love the feeling of progress on a character that is levelling up. Now with that said, I haven't quite hit that spot where stories completely take over and the levelling is more of a chore or a pleasant side bonus. I do love it when there is back story to a place, but a lot of the more psychological twists and turns haven't still grabbed me. Maybe it's presentation, if there is a GM/DM/ST/whatever that could present it into a more digestible form, I'd finally "get it". Or maybe just reading Burning Wheel could lead to enlightenment.

Seriously, go listen to Sons of Kryos. They will blow your mind away, especially the episodes where they talk about tinkering with the systems you play in. The mention of tying hit points into a part of the community alone bogggled me for 10 minutes. I then thought, why not tie levels into how large of an area that you effect. I'm still working out this mechanic, because the litmus test of telling another gamer how this would work required more than 1 minute. Now the Morale Dice Pool from ... oh man 30? ... is a great idea. Also detailed in one of the podcasts.

Well, hm, the mental gastank has run empty. Be back later.

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