Monday, August 15, 2005

Perl Jobs from Monster or Why Some people shouldn't write Job placement Copy

Ok, I have a bot on monster that searches for jobs. The two categories that I search for:

1. Perl
2. Ruby

If I could I'd say something like "Please Jesus, no jobs as a sysadmin for windows boxes or sysadmin in general" but sadly this option just isn't there.

However I got this email today with the following "job". My favourite line from this "Perl Job":

"Mid-level to Sr. Level JAVA (3+ years) development professionals need only apply."

Ok, seriously, on what planet did Java experience get equated with Perl experience? Oh I see:
"Professional working knowledge of internet protocols and techniques (Perl, HTML,

Perl is not an internet protocol or technique. It's a language. This copy doesn't induce me to apply, it makes me want to avoid the business both as a candidate and a customer. How technical can a business be if the people they are looking for wouldn't know what Perl is? The incredible irony is that it's a Tech Job Placement company.

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