Thursday, October 28, 2004

Hello, again or "My Beef with Hello"

So Hello is a neat program. Sure it's a little feature sparse, but that's due to my not having climbed the learning curve. I think. Anyways, my beef with the photoblogging here is a) there is no linux/unix client b) there doesn't seem to be any opensource way to post new pictures.

Now for some folks this isn't that big of a deal. Especially with the massive amount of windows and macintosh users. But for those of us that don't have either or don't want to push closed source or semi closed source products we are in the cold.

I don't like that. Now, my idea to fix this: Make a webdav server. Keep the quotas low and have a bot scan for new files. Pick new files up, mangle and resize them and then post them to the server. Since jpegs are able to have comments in them, make it so that it reads any comments and uses that as a preliminary blog entry, possibly with ImageMagick. Sure it would have be retweaked for some pictures, but at least then it would be open source protocols and more platform free. And since there is still a way to do this via windows and mac's it would be an add-on rather than having to abandon a useful business partnership. In addition, if it were labelled an 'Advanced Feature' there would less of a chance that the tech support would have to scale upwards to deal with user questions. I know my grandparents would choose the windows Hello client rather than try something that they *know* isn't at their level, yet.

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